Civilization’s Creator: Play Hard And… Play Harder

Sid Meier, the creator of Civilization, revealed his thoughts on loot boxes and other in-game spending.


The figure behind the Civilization games, Sid Meier, shared his opinion on the current state of the video game industry. More specifically, he made statements about increasingly common concepts around the world, such as “microtransactions,” “loot boxes,” and “DLC,” expressing that games should focus on entertainment rather than revenue.

“People can assume a game is going to be fun and they need more scenes, revenue plans, or whatever,” Meier said. “However, if the game doesn’t focus on good gameplay, it won’t work.”

“The design part of the game is critical and key, but it usually doesn’t get more work than other aspects that do,” Meier continued. “Maybe it’s easy to ignore how important an investment is in designing and playing a title.”

Meier believes developers should continue to think about providing good quality entertainment for their games and not get lost among other aspects that grab players ’attention. “We’re in a good position, but we need to make sure we need to know how critical the gameplay is and how it works as an engine that makes players really happy,” Meier concluded.

The Civilization series recently celebrated its 30th anniversary to the delight of the game-loving community. The new part has not yet been officially confirmed, but some job offers at Firaxis, the studio in charge, suggest that Civilization 7 could be made.

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