Will Electronic Arts’ Perhaps Final FIFA Game Feature Cross-Play?

As well as cross-play, EA Sports may also be getting into women’s football with this year’s FIFA game.


On Xfire, Tom Henderson reports that FIFA 23 will finally give PlayStation players the chance to play alongside Xbox and PC players, meaning Electronic Arts could be preparing for cross-play. So far, there hasn’t been much opportunity to do so. For some reason, we can’t be surprised that the Nintendo Switch is left out of the list, as FIFA 19 is being re-released there, only as a Legacy Edition with updated rosters and re-coloured menus, which shows how much Andrew Wilson’s company is interested in the big N’s deservedly popular hybrid platform…

Xfire added that Electronic Arts’ Hypermotion Technology solution has also been significantly updated, meaning developers can digitise movement from real footballers using stadium cameras while they play real matches, so they no longer have to hold the players back by making them wear Xsens suits. More authentic movement can be digitised, and animations can be more sophisticated. The technology can capture more than 100 times more data than ever before during a football match. This information was leaked from an indoor meeting.

The men’s and women’s FIFA World Cups will be represented in FIFA 23. Electronic Arts is reportedly planning to extend its licensing agreements with women’s leagues and teams, so that female representation could be boosted in the autumn football game, which will have no rival since Konami switched to a free-to-play model last year with Pro Evolution Soccer: the launch of eFootball was, to put it mildly, a disaster!

All this is unofficial, of course, but we reported last week that Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson specifically sees FIFA as four letters on the game box, so if there’s no World Cup, there’s not much point in it for the publisher. However, what is certain is that FIFA 23 is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series in the autumn. Let’s hope that the PC version will finally see its upgrade to the current-gen version. The PlayStation 4/Xbox One pair is not known if they will be left behind, and the Nintendo Switch version is sure to be another re-release, also known as the Legacy Edition.

Source: VGC

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