Even More Delays For Star Wars: Eclipse?

Quantic Dream’s game has been rumoured to be years away from release. Well… the years seem to be piling up!


In December, at The Game Awards, Quantic Dream officially announced (after the game leaked…) that LucasFilm Games had also leased the Star Wars license to the French studio. It will be used by the developers of Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human to create Star Wars: Eclipse, but don’t expect it any time soon, and that’s putting it mildly!

Tom Henderson, who has been writing on Xfire, has now said that Quantic Dream’s game is far from its launch window! We could be waiting until 2027 or even 2028 before David Cage brings us the game, and even that’s not so certain (they might as well cancel the project, that wouldn’t be such a surprise). How come they need this much time? We’ve been following the studio’s less than positive working environment over the last few years (harassment, photoshopping, lawsuits against the media), so they’re not finding employees. We wrote about this once before, but it seems that the situation is pretty awful.

The game has been unveiled so early to distract the audience and the potential employees from the circumstances the French studio has and to get people to work on Star Wars: Eclipse. And that doesn’t seem to have worked: Henderson says that Quantic Dream originally planned their Star Wars project for 2026, but now, they’re planning a delay of a year or two. We’re in 2022, so if they can’t find people, the problem is not in our device: there is a lack of trust towards Quantic Dream!

All this is unofficial, of course, but it sounds terrible. So the French developers can barely make any progress, and the usual 3-4 year development cycle (which Quantic Dream has kept so far!) will be unsustainable. Especially if they have other projects…

Source: WCCFTech

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