Gran Turismo 7: Microtransactions And Dynamic Car Pricing Receive criticism

Although Polyphony Digital’s new game has brought back the classic career mode (which Gran Turismo Sport had left out), not all aspects of the game, released on Friday for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, have been to the public’s liking.


In Gran Turismo 7, you can’t buy cars separately with real-life money, but you can get vehicles with in-game credits. So far, that sounds reasonable. However, we can now worry: the credits themselves can be obtained through microtransactions, so we don’t have to play the Japanese studio’s product but can open our wallets for a small wheelbarrow of credits. In Gran Turismo Sport, at least, the price of cars was stable: you could buy cars for between $1 and $5 each.

VGC pointed out that in Gran Turismo Sport, the Porsche 919 Hybrid 16 was $3. However, the pricing in Gran Turismo 7 is significantly higher if we consider real money involved in acquiring the exact vehicle. In the new GT title, the car costs 3 million credits. Here is where the problems start to get serious: 100,000 credits are 2.5 dollars, 250,000 is 5 dollars, 750,000 is ten bucks, and 2 million costs 20 dollars. So you have to buy 4 million credits, which costs $40 in microtransactions. OK, that leaves a million, but let’s see how the price of ONE car has gone from 3 dollars to approximately ten times that! We repeat: we are talking about the cost of ONE car!

And GTPlanet reported that the price of cars is dynamic in many cases, and Polyphony Digital has teamed up with Hagert, a classic car valuation and insurance company, to track the pricing of Legend Cars in the game to reflect the changes seen in real life. The Hagerty collection has cars ranging from 150,000 to 20 million credits.

That’s a lot to take in. Unfortunately, microtransactions have not missed out on the long-awaited new Gran Turismo, and dynamic pricing is not a negligible factor. Twenty million credits would cost $200!

Source: PSL

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