Hitman III: The March Updates

IO Interactive has announced what they are working on for Agent 47 (while still working on Project 007).


According to the Danish studio, one new arcade contract per game is coming to the Hitman reboot trilogy. Completing one of The Nebulae, The Genera, and The Vitae will get you a Sieger AR52 Tactical rifle. Then, quoting the studio, “We will reintroduce the mission briefing for each mission within an Arcade Contract. There will be one single complication that is persistent throughout each Arcade Contract. We’ve removed the following complications from The Deceits: “Hide All Bodies” and “Camera Countdown”. The only remaining complication is “One Pacification”. We’ve removed the following complications from The Codices: “One Disguise Change” and “Headshots Only”. The only remaining complication is “No Civilian Casualties”. We’ve removed the following complications from The Ellipses: “No Ballistics” and “Camera Countdown”. The only remaining complication is “Hide All Bodies”. We’ve chosen to preserve the “Hide All Bodies” complication in The Ellipses to stay in line with the choice to retain the first complication from each Contract and avoid issues with the leaderboards. It won’t be coming back in future Arcade Contracts.”

What about upcoming changes to Arcade contracts? “All ET Arcade Contracts will feature three targets per Arcade Contract. We will avoid complications that are considered creatively restrictive or can result in instant failure. This includes the ‘Hide All Bodies’ complication. We investigate making all ET Arcade complications optional. If we don’t encounter any unexpected issues, we expect to implement this additional change with our next patch.”

The third Elusive Target in Hitman 3’s second year is The Collector, who can be defeated for ten days starting March 11. Unlocking ET costumes through challenges will help if this target can be eliminated. The Danish studio also plans to support more Hitman 1 maps in Contracts mode. There are four missions in Hitman 1’s Patient Zero campaign. The Source is already supported, while The Author and Patient Zero will receive Contracts support on March 17. The Vector will not be supported; the reasoning behind this is due to its dynamic nature and unique sniper-centric focus.

They removed the viral gameplay elements from the Hokkaido mission to keep the creative potential high in the spirit of the mode. All Patient Zero missions get a Featured Contract, and according to IOI, these are a kind of mini-history. On March 24, Arcade Contracts will be coming to the Elusive Target Arcade; an Arcade Contract will move Elusive Targets from all three parts of the trilogy. It is how you can get the HWK21 Covert.

Source: TrueAchievements

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