What Is The Connection Between Disney+ Kenobi & Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order? [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – A new trailer for Disney+’s Kenobi series hints at Respawn Entertainment’s game.



There’s no doubt that the Ewan McGregor-starring Kenobi series for Disney+ is one of the most anticipated Star Wars products among fans. No wonder, as the new miniseries brings not only the return of the master (and general) Obi-Wan Kenobi but also the promise of one of the most anticipated duels of all: another duel between Kenobi and his former apprentice Anakin Skywalker, this time in the sinister sanctum of Darth Vader. The release of the first trailer – if you haven’t seen it yet, you can find it at the end of this article – has raised high expectations among video game fans. The more observant fans spotted some direct references to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.


Will we see Cal Kestis in the Kenobi series?


Let’s take a look at the most striking details this first teaser hints at from the Kenobi series and how it resembles Respawn Entertainment’s game! Be warned that some details have emerged that could be considered (capitalised) SPOILERS to the story of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.





The first and most crucial element is the parallel between the characters of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Cal Kestis. Both characters are forced to live in anonymity, hiding and trying to remain unnoticed at the point in the Star Wars chronology where the two stories take place, i.e. between the events of Episodes III and IV of the cinematic saga.

Both stories take place between episodes III and IV of the films

Recall that in Episode III, Revenge of the Sith, the evil Galactic Empire is setting up shop in the galaxy following a treacherous coup against the Galactic Republic. With the Empire’s rise to power comes the destruction of the Jedi Knights, the guardians of peace and justice in the Republic’s era, under the command of Darth Vader.

Both characters are then forced to flee, trying to remain unnoticed. Kenobi witnessed first-hand the events that led to such a dire situation after a confrontation with his former student and friend Anakin Skywalker, who eventually becomes Darth Vader. At the same time, as the Jedi Purge begins, the game’s protagonist loses his master and is unable to complete his training as a Jedi Knight in the traditional way.





Although there is an age difference, Kenobi was already a Jedi Master, a member of the High Council and an experienced general during the Clone Wars. At the same time, Kestis was only a Padawan when he was forced to flee (much like Kanan Jarrus, the main character in the Star Wars Rebels animated series). So far, we know that Kenobi spent most of his time hiding on the planet Tatooine until his return in Episode IV, looking after the safety of young Luke Skywalker. However, in this first trailer, we also see him on the planet Daiyu. Meanwhile, young Kestis spent several years in hiding on the planet Bracca after his master’s assassination.

The two of them hide their Force-user identities and perform menial tasks, going unnoticed by the other workers. In the trailer for the series, Kenobi is seen at work cutting mysterious blocks and sharing a means of transport with other workers, while at the start of Fallen Order, Kestis is working in the wrecking yard of ships taken out of the Clone Wars and travelling on a train with his companions.


What is the connection between Disney+ Kenobi and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?


Another meaningful connection between the two stories is the presence of the Inquisitors. They’re a group of Force users who form an elite team that specialises in hunting down and executing the few remaining Jedi Knights scattered across the galaxy after the end of the Civil War. This group comprises deadly “brothers” and “sisters” trained by Darth Vader himself and led by a sinister character, the Grand Inquisitor, played in the Kenobi series by Rupert Friend, who also appeared in Agent 47.

The Inquisitors also appear in the Kenobi series





The stories of these characters have slowly been expanded in the new Star Wars Expanded Universe, both in animated series such as Star Wars Rebels, in the comic books, and of course in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. In the game, several of these characters, namely the Second and Ninth Sisters, serve as antagonists to the main characters. The inclusion of this evil brotherhood as Kenobi’s enemies in this live-action version is a promising move, though it remains to be seen whether we’ll see either of the two Fallen Order inquisitors in the Disney+ series.

It seems that both the Obi-Wan series and the Cal Kestis adventures will be triggered by the threat of the Inquisitors. In the trailer for the series, we hear the Grand Inquisitor explain that the way to hunt down the Jedi is to wait until they betray themselves with a kind gesture. With that, the teaser hints that Kenobi will be forced to step in to save an innocent citizen from the Inquisitors, just as Cal reveals himself to the Second Sister when he tries to stop her from executing his friend Prauf.

It seems that we will get to visit the Inquisitor base at some point in the series, which is apparently the same one we travel through in the final episode of Jedi Fallen Order, hidden in the black oceans of the Nur moon. In that final episode of the game, Cal will face Vader himself as Kenobi reunites with his former apprentice in what promises to be the most anticipated rematch for Star Wars fans.





This brief summary of the similarities between Kenobi and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order also highlights an interesting difference. While Kenobi chooses to sacrifice his identity and his life to stay on Tatooine to protect Luke, young Cal Kestis and his adventuring party of the Fallen Order seem destined to seek out the other surviving Jedi who remain in hiding.

Will Kestis be the leader of the Jedi Knight resistance, who cannot be Kenobi? It seems that this story will be expanded in a future sequel to the game, which has no release date yet but could have narrative similarities with other Star Wars productions such as Rebels or the upcoming Ashoka series. That is, will we see direct references to Jedi: Fallen Order in the Kenobi series, such as the appearance of Cal Kestis himself, played by Cameron Monaghan? Find out on Disney Plus from 25 May 2022.

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