Nintendo Stops Exports To Russia Due To Logistical Problems, But Sells Existing Stocks

The Japanese company has closed the Nintendo eShop for a few days after suspending payments in roubles.



Nintendo confirmed a few hours ago that it had suspended exports of all its products to Russia “for the foreseeable future”. It justified its decision on the grounds of the uncertainty surrounding the logistics of transporting and distributing physical goods, which is currently affecting the Russian market, which is being severely punished by European and US sanctions following the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops two weeks ago.

Nintendo eShop is currently under maintenance after the payment service suspended transactions in Russian roubles

In statements given to EFE by RTVE, a company spokesperson assured that everything currently in stock would be sold. On the other hand, the Nintendo eShop in Russia is now under maintenance after the payment service provider suspended transactions in Russian rubles. It is unknown when it will be operational again if this step is taken.

This is not the only action the company has taken these days due to the war in Ukraine. On a related note, we learned yesterday that the release date for Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp, which pits two Cold War-inspired armies against each other, has been delayed. As it happens, the original Game Boy Advance releases 20 years ago were postponed due to another sadly historic event.

Nintendo joins a host of industry giants, including PlayStation, Ubisoft, EA, Take-Two Interactive, Microsoft and Warner Bros. Games, which have announced in recent days that they are pulling out of the Russian market without giving further details of their return. In addition to the sector, film production companies and technology giants have also suspended their services in Russia and Belarus due to the situation in Ukraine.

Source: RTVE

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