Halo Star Pablo Schreiber Explains Why He Thinks It’s A Challenge To Play Master Chief

MOVIE NEWS – Pablo Schreiber talked about how the live-action version of Master Chief differs from the original Halo video games.



Halo has been a staple for gamers around the world for over 20 years. Chances are, if you have an Xbox, you’ve played a Halo game at some point. Master Chief’s whispers send shivers down most people’s spines as they imagine the green armour, helmet and visor as he stares down from the smoky battlefield at a member of the Covenant.

This image will soon be seen on Paramount+ in the highly anticipated Halo live-action series. After years and several writer/producer changes, Master Chief is finally ready to show himself. Along with Pablo Schreiber, who plays him. Schreiber spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about playing the iconic warrior and how it’s different from the video game.

Schreiber has stuck with the project despite all the turmoil he’s been through on his journey. The actor talked about how he will embody a character that all gamers know, yet one that no one really knows. As the actor put it,

“There’s this expectation because a huge portion of the audience has played the game believing they are the Master Chief…”

“…and now here I am, attempting to play it.”

This role is very different from anything Schreiber has played before. In series like The Wire, American Gods, and Orange Is the New Black, he was known for striking his own unique tone in these roles. So how is Master Chief different?

“I was given a lot of leeway in those roles to push the boundaries because the characters are so big and broad. This is a 180-degree turn. It’s a very tight box, especially early in the series, trying to find the sweet spot of restraint and figure out this guy’s inner life.”

The journey to find out who Master Chief really is as a character spans the first season’s nine episodes. This Master Chief bends the rules and disobeys orders to protect a young girl. The other big challenge is comparing him to The Mandalorian.

“I was like, ‘OK, great, there’s a precedent and people are hungry for this genre and this material – because there is definitely overlap – and the success they had bodes well for us. Also, The Mandalorian is always helmeted and has to remain that way. In Halo, the Spartans take their helmet off a ton – it’s only Master Chief’s face you haven’t seen before.”

The 43-year-old actor also had to overcome a physical challenge. The intense action sequences and, of course, the famous body armour that Master Chief is known for were a significant challenge. Schreiber hopes that it will be worth it when fans see the end result, hoping that, like the games, the film will be received with love.

“It’s 50 pounds of plastic and the suit is meant to make you superhuman – it enhances the Spartan’s capability for his performance tenfold. In reality, it’s the opposite. It’s a challenge to manipulate a cumbersome costume and find ways to shoot it so it looks like you’re super capable… There’s so much opportunity for transcending being a sci-fi show, a superhero show or a video game show and just be legitimately great television that happens to be exploring those genres.”

Halo was approved for a second season even before the first episode aired. The series will premiere on March 24, 2022, on Paramount+.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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