How Is the face of the Master Chief? The Halo Series Will End the Character’s Greatest Mystery

MOVIE NEWS – The first season will premiere on Paramount + on March 24, although the adventure will not end here.


Anyone who has played Halo will have encountered one of the biggest mysteries of the Master Chief: what does his face look like? Although 343 Industries will continue to maintain this enigma in video games, it seems that the TV series wants to show a completely new profile of the character in all its aspects, which includes revealing the face of the protagonist.

It was clear that you really needed to see the person under the armour and helmet.

This has been confirmed by the Head of Transmedia of 343 Industries, Kiki Wolfkill, in an interview given during the IGN Fan Fest. Here, the professional has admitted that the story of the series will require the Master Chief to remove the iconic helmet from him: “I think we have set out to tell the story of a character and a personal story,” explains Wolfkill. “And once we got into the story, it was clear that you really needed to see the person underneath the armour and the helmet .”

In this way, from the producer, they already expect reactions of all kinds: ” You will see his face “, confirms the professional, “For some people, it has been a moment that has taken 20 years to occur, and for others, it is something very difficult to imagine “We respect both sides of the fence, those who really want to see the Chief’s face and those who don’t. But because of the nature of this story, we think it’s very important to connect with Master Chief in a different way, and that means showing her face”.

While this discovery may not sound like 343 Industries’ idea for the Master Chief’s face, it is at least a first step toward understanding the character through the story they present in the Halo series. The producer has already warned that its argument will not convince all fans of the franchise, but their confidence in the series is so great that they have already confirmed a second season before the initial premiere.

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