Sonic the Hedgehog Comes Back for a Third Time

MOZI NEWS – Sonic the Hedgehog Part 2 hasn’t even been shown yet, but preparations are already underway for Episode 3.


At the time of the first episode’s release in 2020, it looked like there would be no franchise for the film based on SEGA’s classic video game, as there was only enough material for one production – but the huge success and spontaneous buzz on social media meant the hedgehog story was destined to continue. And so it did, and in the current, soon-to-be-released second instalment, there are already hints that herald the third film – which, of course, are best deciphered by those who are familiar with the Sonic universe. However, Sonic can also appeal to a wide audience, so new positive and funny characters, new villains and branching plot threads will continue to emerge as the producing studio Paramount intends this franchise to be one of the company’s gold mines of the decade.

(Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – domestic release: 7 April 2022)

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