Kojima Loved The Batman, But His Favourite Adaptation Is Still A Very Different One…

MOVIE NEWS – From film to video games, Batman is having a big year on PC and consoles with Gotham Knights.



With over $463 million in the box office and critical acclaim, Batman once again shows why Gotham’s Bat is one of comics’ most beloved heroes. The accolades include praise from familiar faces such as Hideo Kojima, who didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity to commemorate his favourite film about the caped crusader.

LEGO Batman has also gained popularity through video games

The creator of Death Stranding has been very active in recent days around the Warner Bros. production, highlighting the acting qualities of Robert Pattinson (who is a big fan of Final Fantasy VII) and the directorial mastery of Matt Reeves. He also shared his thoughts on the film, “Batman is a film about the superhero that explores disguise in the age of social media. The mask is used to conceal his true identity. Heroes and villains alike wear them to hide their everyday lives and highlight their distinct personalities.”

Kojima was also asked, after all this, if this version is his favourite film of the character? With the memory of Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan’s Batman adaptations, it’s a difficult decision, both were true standards in their field, but the Metal Gear Solid developer highlighted a title often overlooked by the general public, The LEGO Batman Movie, which the Japanese creator believes is a true masterpiece.

Leaving the movie behind, Batman and LEGO have been golden partners in video games since TT Games released the game in 2008. Recently, we got to meet their villains in LEGO DC Super-Villains. In addition to LEGO, the superhero will soon fight in MultiVersus, a Smash Bros. game featuring WarnerMedia characters. At the same time, his presumed death will be a narrative prequel to Gotham Knights, which received a release date last week.

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