Coloured Dualsense Controllers For PS5 Has A Hidden New Quality [VIDEO]

Three models havehave already proven to have a new feature. These controllers have a special type of spring, which improves the L2 and R2 triggers.



One of the main features of PlayStation 5 isn’t about the console itself. DualSense controllers provide a handful of new possibilities for development studios to take the gaming experience to new level and, like the console, they’ll receive new version every now and then, with a strong focus on visuals.

YouTube channel TronicsFix has revealed an implementation, which is a hidden new feature of these controllers. Taking apart the Starlight Blue, Nova Pink and Galactic Purple models reveals new components inside, although the Cosmic Red and Midnight Black versions are identical inside to the DualSense we were originally introduced to.

There hasn’t been an offical explanation yet, probably because they do not change the experience too much. The biggest change is a new type of spring for the L2 and R2 triggers which, with an increased thickness from 2.25 millimetres to 0.3 millimetres, reduces the resistance issues providing a smoother gaming experience.

In addition, the controller board has also been slightly modified,however, of course, these changes aren’t revolutionary additions. There is no evidence of any reduction in the occurrence of joystick drift for example, which causes controller to register movement when they are not touched. This is something that the PlayStation community has been asking for and has been happening since last generation, so it is expected that some changes will be made in that field in the future.

These new models have the familiar DualSense features that have been used in a variety of ways in games released on Sony consoles. The controller can also be used on PCs, tablets and phones, and there are already apps that allow you to change the resistance of the triggers on these platforms.

Source: TronicsFix

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