A New Bioshock Mod For Half-Life: Alyx Takes Us To Rapture With 15+ Hours Of New Gameplay [VIDEO]

Half-Life: Alyx Return to Rapture Chapter 2 has 24 more levels for the VR game.



Half-Life: Alyx is certainly one of the best virtual reality games ever released in the history of the medium and now fans can enjoy a new BioShock mod, which takes them to Rapture.

The project, developed by modder Wim Buytaert, allows you to revisit Rapture in VR using different gameplay mechanics. The first part already offered a good amount of content, but the release of Chapter 2 goes even further.

The mod is downloadable for free on Steam and takes us to the underwater city with 24 new levels and up to 15 hours of gameplay. According to the story, Alyx continues her search for Andrew Ryan’s suitcase, taking on Splicers and even the Big Daddy with new weapons, better dismemberments and powers via the Plasmids.

“Chapter 2 is now available on Steam.”

VR device owners, who are fans of the BioShock franchise are definitely going to love this new content, as the franchise had no new additions for a long time, only a recent announcement about a Netflix film, which hasn’t been relased yet.

Source: The Gamer

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