Overwatch 2 PC beta: Blizzard Shares Some Information About New Maps & Heroes

Blizzard promises to share updates on the development of the new instalment of the popular shooter/hero game Overwatch.



It hasn’t been an easy time in development at Activision Blizzard, with Overwatch 2 delayed after staff changes due to the institutional crisis that has hit the company. However, the team behind the sequel to the successful hero shooter has promised better communication with players and a closed beta on PC by the end of April.

The closed beta will start on 26 April

Less than a week later, the studio has already set the final date and released a wealth of information about what we’ll see in the test. Blizzard shared the information in a Twitch live stream, as reported by VGC. The closed beta will begin on 26 April, and while it will be PC-only, the developers have admitted that they plan to bring other tests to consoles.





You can register to participate in the closed beta on the game’s official website. The beta will include access to 5 vs 5 PVP gameplay, the new Push mode and the Ping system. In terms of heroes, it will feature Orisa, Doomfist, Bastion, Sombra, as well as a new version of their fresh hero Sojourn.

We will also be able to try out the new hero Sojourn

All maps from the first Overwatch will be available, plus four new maps: Circuit Royal, a new companion map Midtown, a hybrid map, and the new Push Mode maps Toronto and Rome. Earlier this year, Blizzard promised new features for its most anticipated games, and it looks like they’re starting to arrive. Remember, if you missed out on this first closed beta, don’t worry, the studio plans to open up more opportunities to test the game in the future.

Source: VGC

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