Gran Turismo 7 Gives Free Rewards To PlayStation Players

Gran Turismo 7 suffered a server crash recently; besides, several protests against Polyphony, so they decided to reward players with new additions.


It’s one of the most high-profile releases of 2022, but Gran Turismo 7 has been marred by a couple of recent controversies. Polyphony Digital’s game is quite enjoyable, but the server crash last week and the criticism over race rewards and microtransactions have left a bittersweet feeling.

The studio has decided to respond directly to its community by publishing a post on the official PlayStation blog addressing the issues. In it, they are grateful for the comments received and apologised for the frustration over the past week, as communication was neither very active nor very clear.

They say they know that this is not the experience people expect from Gran Turismo. Therefore, they are offering a package of 1 million free credits available for affected players to redeem. It will arrive in users’ accounts soon, who need to log in until the 25th of April to claim the reward.

Polyphony says the latest patch update was intended to fix an issue with inconsistent rewards in events but has had to recalculate the entire system. To improve the experience, they promise changes and improvements in a new patch in early April:

  • Increased rewards in events in the second half of the world circuits by 100%.
  • High rewards are offered for completing track experiences on Gold or all Bronze.
  • Increased rewards in online races.
  • Eight new one-hour endurance race events are included for Missions. They will also give increased rewards.
  • Increased credit limit of player wallets from 20 million to 100 million.
  • The number of second-hand and legendary car offers is increased.

On top of all this, the Japanese studio is working on more new features in the future that are yet to arrive, such as the inclusion of 24-hour races, online time trials and cars that can be sold. It will all add up to a game that we already consider to be the most complete instalment in the franchise.

Source: Polygon

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