Will The PlayStation 5 Pro Deliver A Significant Performance Boost? [VIDEO]

History might repeat itself, at least on Sony’s turf: the PlayStation 5 could be undergoing a half-generation update.


According to the RedGamingTech (RGT) YouTube channel, there will be a more powerful variant of the PlayStation 5, meaning we could be in for a PlayStation 5 Pro, which could hit stores late 2023 or around 2024. The PlayStation 5 Pro will have twice the base model’s performance in standard raster, while ray tracing graphics could be two and a half times more powerful, which Sony is said to want to eventually use to provide better PlayStation VR (more like PlayStation VR2…) experiences.

The PlayStation 5 Pro may also feature advanced image reconstruction techniques. According to RGT, this will not be the same as AMD’s FSR2 (although the console is 100% expected to use AMD’s graphics chip and processor) but will be Sony’s custom researched technology. The console will feature a 5-nanometre process from the world’s largest chipmaker, Taiwan’s TSMC (which is used by Zen 4 processors for high-performance computing). However, Sony might go with the 4nm process by TSMC, so even newer technology could be under the hood (Apple’s M2 already uses it).

The timing is interesting, as there have also been rumours recently that Sony has shipped thousands of development kits from a prototype console to Oakland, California. According to Tweaktown, these could be modified PlayStation 5 systems, machines designed mainly for software developers, i.e. game developers. The 2023-2024 timeframe also coincides with other rumours of a Sony console refresh (which also mentioned the end of 2023) and AMD’s new SoC (System-on-a-chip), which would focus on the higher-end 4K and 8K markets.

In the end, we would like to point out that all this is very much a rumour, so who knows how much of it will turn out to be true. But alongside the PlayStation 5 Pro, is Microsoft planning a response, if indeed there will be such a console…?

Source: WCCFTech

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