According To Analysts PS5 Stock Problems Could Be Worsening

TECH NEWS – DFC Intelligence has come to an estimation, that within four years, Microsoft’s Xbox will increase their console market share, while PlayStation could decrease theirs with the shortages of PS5.


Material shortages and problems getting hold of a PS5 or an Xbox X Series have been a major issue for this new generation since its launch. Last month, Sony acknowledged that the problems in getting hold of one of its consoles would continue throughout 2022, and now DFC Intelligence, a firm that analyses the video games sector and market behaviour, has shared with Gamesindustry its forecast of how these shortages will affect the market in the coming years.

DFC Intelligence had predicted console revenue growth of 8% in 2022, but these forecasts have become less optimistic, falling to 4%, with a total of $49 billion, with the shortage taking centre stage: “We had already predicted that PS5 units would be limited, but now we think it will be even worse,” said DFC’s David Cole.

The firm has pointed out that both hardware and software sales are being affected by the shortages, but Sony is reportedly the biggest sufferer, with a wider gap between supply and demand for PS5. DFC’s surveys reflect a consumer preference for PS5 as the system of choice by a wide margin, although with Microsoft building its content library, this could change, they say.

“The big question is whether PlayStation 5’s scarcity will allow Microsoft to gain ground with Xbox X Series X|S and its Xbox Game Pass service,” explained DFC, who reckon that by 2026, Microsoft will have increased its console market share from 20% to 27%, while Sony’s share will go from 43% to 39% and Nintendo’s from 37% to 34% by the same year. Recently, Microsoft’s consoles outsold PS5 in Europe for the first time, thanks to the availability of the Xbox Series S in shops.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle

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