Fortnite: Players Want Will Smith Back Into The Game (Including The Slap)

Fortnite’s players are hoping that Epic Games will bring back Will Smith’s character after the Oscars incident.


Will Smith’s slap in the face of comedian Chris Rock during last Sunday’s Oscars ceremony gives a lot to talk about, generating topics of analysis and debate in different media and creating a viral image that is here to stay. The incident had such an impact, that dozens of Fortnite fans are campaigning on social networks for its incorporation into the battle royale.

They do so by recalling the skin launched in Epic Games’ video game last August, when Detective Mike Lowrey (Bad Boys, Two Rebel Cops in Spain), played by the Philadelphia actor, landed on the Fortnite island. However, players are asking for a small addition to his character: to use the slap as an emote, allowing them to relive the controversial moment in Fortnite.

We’re not sure if Epic Games will take note of the request and let Fortnite survivors slap each other in costume, but that’s where it stands. The US development team has adapted dozens of iconic characters from popular culture into battle royale, from superheroes and comic book villains to major film franchises.

It’s important to mention that Fortnite faces a key movement now with the inclusion of a game mode that allows you to enjoy the battle royale without building mechanics, giving more weight than ever to the user’s ability to take advantage of weapons and scenarios.

Source: Game Rant

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