Why Is Island Enterprise Browser Valued $1.3 Billion?

TECH NEWS – Island, a startup based in Dallas, Texas, has come up with a security-focused browser… but how did it get to be worth so much?


Island silently emerged in February, but in a Series B funding round, Island bagged $115 million, as investors are attracted to the fact that companies can trust the Island Enterprise Browser. The same cannot be said of Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, which are not applicable in a business context because they have a consumer-facing approach…

Mike Fey, CEO of Island, told TechCrunch back in February, “The most widely deployed app in the enterprise is the browser, but it’s a consumer-based design. A consumer wants to have infinite freedom; they want to be able to install anything they want, go anywhere they want, and do who knows what with their browser without any issues.” Meanwhile, Island’s browser offers security, productivity and IT efficiency, which sounds tempting for US companies…

Island’s browser has been in development for two years and is based on the open-source Chromium (as is Opera, along with Chrome and Edge). What does it offer? Safe browsing, web filtering, exploit prevention, smart network routing, zero-trust access, and the ability to intrude on downloads and uploads as a last resort (last mile actions)…

Fey says, “Think of it as a browser with infinite last-mile control for enterprises. We’ve done things to harden the environment, encrypt items and provide more control. We’re not necessarily removing the hacker. We’re removing the victory. The reality is that the data they want to access isn’t sitting on your endpoint for them to steal it.”

And with so much money raised in funding for the Island Enterprise Browser, it will not be surprising if it becomes the standard in the workplace in the US in the short term, as cybersecurity is not negligible.

Source: PCGamer

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