Joaquin Phoenix’s Second Joker Movie On Hold: No Script Submitted To Studio

MOVIE NEWS – The studio gave the film the green light after the success of the first Joker, but production didn’t start on time and is now on hiatus.



Sadly, Todd Phillips’ Joker sequel got a disappointing update for fans when it was announced that work on the film would not begin for the time being.

According to The Direct (following an article excerpt from The Ankler), the studio has not received any outline of a sequel from the film’s writing team. The studio previously gave the film the green light due to the first film’s unexpected success, which grossed over a billion dollars at the box office and became the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time.

The sequel announcement was met with a mixed reception, with some fans arguing that there was no need to continue this very personal and relatable comic book adaptation.

The film was previously rumoured to start shooting in 2023, but as director and co-screenwriter Todd Phillips has yet to deliver any outline, nothing concrete can be said about the film’s status.

The Joker was a predominantly independent outing, devoid of any ties to the DC Extended Universe or Matt Reeves’ Batverse. The film, whose groundwork was laid by Martin Scorsese’s involvement in the project, became a neo-noir, crime-psychological thriller that delved into more thematic and allegorical depictions than any previous comic book film.

Joker won fans over with his personal and heartfelt story by exploring ideas of mental health, depression, anxiety, social stratification, lack of empathy, and the consequences of austerity.

The film is set in the 1980s and also provides a very distinct backdrop for elements of the Batman story, such as the portrayal of a corrupt character and ideology rather than Gotham City, the relationship between the Waynes and Joker, Joker’s vision of anarchy and rebellion, and his transformation into a clown prince of criminals.

This is what made the Joker stand on its own and paved the way for a sequel. However, a sequel is currently stuck in DC’s changing vision for its upcoming films. The studio runs two separate franchises – the DCEU and the Batverse.

While the Batverse has recently successfully established a foothold with Matt Reeves’ Batman, which has its own cinematic universe, the DCEU is having trouble with The Flash, as the studio is still shaping its vision for using the multiverse and unifying its other properties. Meanwhile, the Joker, which is devoid of mystical elements similar to the DCEU and is more of a human story, is also problematic. It could easily be the case that Todd Phillips has been unable to pitch a design because of the complex nature of his first film, which is different from other comic book films.

Whatever the reason, Joker 2 is still officially set for 2023, and Phillips could come up with a plot before then. Considering the impact of the first film, fans are certainly looking forward to the sequel, yet many are still divided on the idea of Arthur Fleck going from an empathetic man tormented by world-weariness to a total lunatic.

Source: The Direct

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