NVIDIA Officially Unveiled The RTX 3090 Ti: Stock Shortages & Harsh Pricing Could Still Cause Serious Problems

TECH NEWS – NVIDIA’s new card can’t deliver the performance you’ve been waiting for if the price of the GPU is sky-high…



NVIDIA wants to close out the Amper generation, the well-known RTX 30, in style with the launch of the last remaining Ti model of the RTX 3090. The Lovelace is just around the corner, with a release expected later this year, but the release of the latest Ampere model will make or break benchmark lists and some people’s wallets.

Analysts have estimated the price to be around $1600, but in the current climate of parts shortages and overpricing of graphics cards, the final price in the EU could end up being around at least €2500!

While it is true that 3DCenter announced earlier this week that it would reduce the percentage of overpriced graphics cards, setting a minimum of 25%, this percentage has increased again with the release of the NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti.

Moreover, stocks of this GPU are very limited, and only a few manufacturers offer custom versions. The RTX 3090 Ti from EVGA is the most expensive on the market today at a price of over €3000 and is available in minimal quantities. At the bottom end of the table, GPUs from MSI, Inno and Zotac are also well above the price/value ratio. On average, all three manufacturers offer the RTX 3090 Ti for €2400.

We can expect to see more manufacturers jumping on Ampere’s latest big model bandwagon week by week before finally switching to the Lovelace. However, at the current prices of top-of-the-range products, it’s hard for the average user to forgive the upgrade or the jump to a PC. However, prices are coming down in the lower end of NVIDIA’s RTX 30 family, with RTX 3060 and 3060 Ti prices slightly lower than in previous months.

Source: 3DCenter

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