Netflix Puts Will Smith’s Fast And Loose On Hold After Oscar Incident

MOVIE NEWS – Netflix is reportedly suspending production on the upcoming Will Smith film Fast and Loose due to the events at the Oscars.



Apparently, Netflix is waiting to see how this Oscar situation with Will Smith plays out before moving forward with a movie planned starring the controversial actor. While having your lead actor win the Best Actor in a Leading Role award at the Oscars would typically be an excellent sign for any project, things are slightly different for Smith, considering what happened between the King Richard star and Chris Rock shortly before Smith’s Oscar win was announced.

At the ceremony, Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, which resulted in Smith walking up to him on stage, slapping Rock, then returning to his seat, shouting obscenities at the actor and telling him in colourful words to stop making jokes about Pinkett Smith. Many believe Will Smith should have been arrested or at least escorted out of the building after the attack. Still, controversially he was allowed to stay and even tearfully gave a heartfelt acceptance speech for his Oscar.

The incident sparked a massive backlash against Smith. Even most of those who think Rock’s joke was tasteless agree that Smith crossed a line by bullying the comedian.

Smith has since announced his resignation from the Film Academy and publicly apologised to Rock, calling his actions that night “inexcusable.” Pinkett Smith also posted a picture on Instagram calling for “healing.”

In any case, the controversy has left producers worried about moving forward with specific projects featuring Will Smith. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Fast and Loose, a film in the works at Netflix starring Smith, has been quietly shelved. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the streaming service won’t try to restart the project in the future if Smith gets to the point where the controversy dies down and he’s actively starring in films again or if production can’t get back on track with another lead actor on board.

Fast and Loose would have followed a crime gang boss who loses his memory after an attack and embarks on a journey to discover his true identity, living a double life as a wealthy criminal and a down-and-out CIA agent.


Bad Boys 4 is also reportedly on pause


There are also reports that Bad Boys 4 is on hiatus due to the Oscar fiasco. Ahead of the ceremony, Smith has reportedly been given around 40 pages of the script while the project goes through pre-production. The sequel is reportedly on hold for the time being, perhaps depending on how things ultimately turn out for Smith and his acting career.

In addition to the above, Will Smith has also said that he is willing to accept whatever further consequences the Academy sees fit, which could include the withdrawal of his Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role. In any case, it is difficult to say exactly what the next step for Will Smith will be, but it seems that the studios he works with are holding out.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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