Mass Effect In Advance Wars’ Style?! Unusual “Demake” Of BioWare’s RPG [VIDEO]

Once again, the artists at 64 Bits have created a beautiful animated video that brings BioWare’s classic Commander Shepard to Game Boy Advance.



Developed by BioWare, the original space sci-fi trilogy is one of the most beloved and essential works of the RPG genre in the last 15 years. The trilogy was remastered in the previous year, “reigniting the passion of its fans”, says Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson, and this beautiful creation pays tribute to the celebrated 2007 title is a testament to that.

The “64 Bits” animation team shared their reimagining of the BioWare role-playing game via their YouTube channel…

…as if it had been released for Game Boy Advance, although they’ve depicted it in an extraordinary way, as if it had been developed by Intelligent Systems, in the purest Advance Wars style, for Nintendo’s portable TRPG.

This demake complements the elaborate series of videos shared by the animators, where we’ve seen Kratos and Atreus engage in turn-based combat in a 32-bit JRPG-based God of War or an excellent Bioshock Infinite that went straight from the classic Indiana Jones and Clockwork Orange-inspired 16-bit Super Nintendo.

The video shows our crew in looks that manage to capture the entire essence of Intelligent Systems’ title. As for the gameplay, BioWare’s adaptation of the game is perfectly adapted to the turn-based combat of Advance Wars. A fantasy that any fan of either franchise would love to see come true. If you love demakes, don’t miss the one the creator of Bloodborne unveiled at PSX this week, Bloodborne Kart, in which our hunter races through Yharnam with PS1 graphics.

Source: YouTube

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