Grand Theft Auto V’s Newest Physical Re-Release Is Coming Soon

Following the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360, PlayStation 4/Xbox One and PC versions, Grand Theft Auto V will soon be available on disc for the new consoles.


Grand Theft Auto V will be nine years old this year, but Rockstar (or rather Take-Two) is still pushing it while also working on the next instalment in the series. Of course, the standalone Grand Theft Auto Online, which comes with the game but is free to PlayStation Plus subscribers on PlayStation 5, is getting a lot more attention (because it’s making money…). Still, Take-Two looks at the two 2020-released consoles’ player base with dollar signs in its eyes, as the GTA+ subscription is only available to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series players…

The new re-release of Grand Theft Auto V has been available on Sony and Microsoft’s latest consoles since March 15. Still, it’s only available digitally via the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store. On Rockstar’s website, we can read that the physical edition will be available in stores in April (from the 12th!) and can be pre-ordered (which is an often harmful practice due to the hype, especially if the game ends up being far below expectations).

The price will be $40 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. The problem is that Grand Theft Auto V is available for less on the new consoles, as it’s available for $20 on the Microsoft Store and $10 on the PlayStation Store if you browse on the PlayStation 5. For this reason, it might be a better idea to wait until the price is finally pushed down since we’re talking about a game that was released in September 2013.

Rockstar should instead focus on improving the Xbox Series’ performance, as the PlayStation 5 version runs much better.

Source: WCCFTech

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