“All Major Publishers Will Be In The PlayStation Plus Game Library”

Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan says that all the game publishers that matter will be in the PlayStation Plus game library when it relaunches with the new model in June.


We’ve already quoted from an interview in episode 427 of the official PlayStation podcast. Still, Ryan had some other things to say (well, he didn’t say anything as critically nonsense as he did when he called backwards compatibility at E3 stupid, but then expanded it through the new PlayStation Plus subscription system…).

What games are coming to the service? Ryan replied, “I’m going to play a little hard to get on that one, but I can tell you free that we have massive publisher participation in this program. We have all the big names present. We have big publishers. We have small indie publishers. We have over 200 partners working with us to put their content into PlayStation Plus so that the lineup will be powerful.” Several first-party games from Sony Interactive Entertainment/PlayStation Studios have been confirmed – God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Returnal.

With the redesigned PlayStation Plus launching in June, and Returnal from Housemarque, now under Sony, being about a year old by then, the “blues” could hold off until then for patient gamers who want to access exclusive titles via the subscription rather than a purchase (while Microsoft’s Game Pass has ALL Xbox Game Studios titles right from the launch; we wrote earlier about Ryan’s thoughts on this and why Sony isn’t following this pattern). Third-party games will be announced later, and the game list is expected to grow regularly.

So PlayStation Plus will be available in a completely different form in two months. Hopefully, the rumour that Sony is working on a local hardware emulation of PlayStation 3 for PlayStation 5 rather than running it from the cloud (which we wrote about in more detail the other day) will happen soon.

Source: VGC

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