Abandoned Developer Contacted Konami!?

What is going on around Blue Box Game Studios (plural for an indie team?) is getting untraceable.


Abandoned (or whatever it will be called because it’s not supposed to be the final name!) is a game that we’ve seen a teaser video of so far, which did not represent the final product. Then came another teaser in a hyped-up app made up for the game, but it was a few seconds long, and the same video was already available on Twitter. The way Hasan Kahraman, the head of Blue Box, has blasted his game into the public consciousness with marketing that hints at Silent Hill did not help matters either…

VGC reported on the behind-the-paywall Sacred Symbols+ podcast, where Colin Moriarty’s guest was Kahraman. He confirmed that he had contacted Konami: “I reached out to them. I was stressed out because people thought it was Silent Hill. It got so out of hand, and you know, you’re this small developer, you’ve never had a big audience, you’re inexperienced. I reached out to Konami saying, ‘Hey, you know what, it was never my intention,’ They were cool.”

Kahraman revealed himself to the world in June last year. Many people thought it was a trick by Hideo Kojima, but the Dutch developer tried to stop the rumours. Although he managed to do so, Abandoned: Prologue, the playable demo promised for this spring, is still nowhere to be seen… and about it, Kahraman says that it will “fund” the full game, which doesn’t seem to make much sense, because in principle the prologue itself will be free.

After all of this, don’t be surprised that many people have already given up on Abandoned altogether. Even though they said last week that, contrary to rumours, the project had not been scrapped, it will be hard to regain the gamers’ trust… if they can even achieve that because we already doubt it.

Source: VGC

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