Here Is The Original Version Of Evil Dead’s Ending After Nine Years

MOVIE NEWS – The director of the 2013 Evil Dead reboot shared a clip on his Twitter account, which turned out to be the original ending of the movie.

When the reboot of the iconic horror movie, The Evil Dead was made in 2013, the creators decided to give a definite ending to the movie and save the protagonist from her deadly nightmare. However, that wasn’t the initial plan. Fede Alvarez shared a short video on his Twitter account of the original ending, showing the wooden cabin and the camera zooming on Jane Levy’s screaming protagonist.



Alvarez also shared the reason for cutting out the last scene and replacing it with a somewhat happy ending. Sam Raimi, the creator of the original movie, told the director that the protagonist doesn’t deserve such a brutal ending after all she’s been through; she should be able to walk away freely from her nightmare. Alvarez, therefore, rewrote the scene; however, he shared the original clip on the 9th anniversary of the Evil Dead.

The original movie went through many cuts and bans as most horror films; however, the Evil Dead trilogy became an integral part of popular culture. After the third instalment in 1992, fans had to wait until 2013 to see the iconic protagonist, Ash Williams, return to Evil Dead’s cursed world, even if it was just a shorter cameo. He later appeared in the series Ash Vs Evil Dead, but the show got cancelled in 2018.

It wasn’t evident in 2013 whether the new Evil Dead movie would be successful or not since it was a like-for-like type of reboot. However, the new movie became quite a hit and brought in $97 million despite its $17 million budget. Bruce Campbell played the protagonist in the previous movies, who always had to endure horrible tortures, unlike the new protagonist, played by Jane Levy, who managed to leave the deadly chaos behind.

But fans shouldn’t worry; a new franchise instalment will debut this year under Evil Dead Rise on HBO Max. For the first time, this movie will not feature Ash Williams or the cabin in the woods, but two sisters and three kids who will have to battle the deadites in a claustrophobic apartment. It will be directed by Lee Cronin, who was selected by the creator, Raimi, for the position.

Source: Movie Web

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