Idris Elba Grew Up With the Commodore 64

MOVIE NEWS – By his admission, Idris Elba never pirated Commodore 64 games, even though it wasn’t that hard to copy them (it was much easier than nowadays…).


The New York Times interviewed him about Sonic The Hedgehog 2, in which he voiced Knuckles’ character. He says that he’s bought every console since the SEGA Genesis (Mega Drive outside North America) and is now hooked on FIFA and racing games. But he started with the Commodore 64: when the C64 launched in 1982, he was nine years old. This computer had a $600 price tag in the US. Its value today, considering inflation, would be $1740. However, even a roughly 1 MHz processor and 64 KB of RAM were reasonable…

Unfortunately, the interview didn’t go into what he played with. All that was mentioned was that the tapes were easy to copy, so pirating was not impossible on the Commodore 64. Elba said that all you had to do was be careful not to overwrite the tapes you had already “filled”. He then changed his tune and said that he had made authorized purchases for the C64. It wasn’t cheap to buy legal games for that platform as a teenager…

Elba elaborated on Knuckles’ voice (and we could put the MOVIE NEWS tag out from this point): he wanted to give him a sort of squeaky voice because he thought it would be funny, but the filmmakers thought otherwise, so they immediately killed his idea. But could he still be the next James Bond? Who knows, because he’s played chiefly animals (he voiced a tiger in The Jungle Book and a Cape buffalo in Zootopia… just to name two examples).

So you could call Idris Elba a gamer, but compared to him, Henry Cavill (who plays Geralt in The Witcher series) is undoubtedly ahead because he’s thinking of Warhammer when he plays that character…

Source: PCGamer

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