Finally! God of War & Other Triple-A Titles Are Added To GeForce NOW!

In addition, NVIDIA is adding new free demos to its catalogue of features for all GeForce NOW subscribers.



NVIDIA has carved a niche for itself in the gaming services industry with the unique features of GeForce NOW. The platform is evolving in all areas, including the activation of a long-awaited option for gamers. In addition, the new features also extend to the video game catalogue, which today includes eight new titles, including the acclaimed God of War.

Having conquered the PC space and broken records for player numbers, it seems Kratos and Atreus have also been a hit outside the PlayStation ecosystem.

Now with GeForce NOW, the brutal adventure is expected to run at 1440p resolution on PC, 1600p on Mac and up to 120 FPS on mobile, provided you have an RTX 3080 membership. For premium users, outstanding performance and spectacular graphics are guaranteed thanks to NVIDIA DLSS support.

In addition to Santa Monica, GeForce NOW also benefits from games such as MotoGP 22, Lila’s Sky Ark and Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles. Overall, NVIDIA’s catalogue of services is growing – here are the games showcased today:

  • Lila’s Sky Ark (New on Steam)
  • Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles (New on Steam)
  • MotoGP22 (New on Steam)
  • Terraformers (New on Steam)
  • Warstride Challenges (New on Steam)
  • EQI (New on Steam)
  • God of War (Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • Twin Mirror (Steam and Epic Games Store)


If you’re looking to get the Kratos and Atreus experience with GeForce NOW, check out our review of God of War on PC! It’ll prepare you for an adventure that not only proves to be an excellent port but also brings to life the brutality of the PlayStation iconic character.

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