PlayStation Creates A “Preservation Team” – Are They Preparing For The New PS Plus?

TECH NEWS – The company is launching a new subscription model that will give you access to games from past generations of PlayStation.



PlayStation users have their eyes set on June, as it has been designated as the launch month for Sony’s new PS Plus service. With a structure split into different subscription models, each offering multiple entertainment options, you’ll be able to access PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games. Users are excited about this development, and it seems PlayStation is already preparing to deliver the service to meet expectations.

“Today is my first day […] working as one of their initial hires for the newly created Preservation team!” – Garett Fredley

Although not yet officially announced, the company has already launched the Preservation team. We read about this thanks to Garett Fredley, who was hired to work on the team and took to Twitter to express his excitement: “Today is my first day as a Senior Build Engineer at PlayStation, working as one of their initial hires for the newly created Preservation team!”

“Game Preservation was my first career passion, so I’m ecstatic that I get to go back to those roots,” Fredley wrote in his post. He didn’t elaborate on PlayStation’s plans with the aforementioned Preservation team. Still, many users have hinted at the possible development of new PS Plus features that would allow playback of past generations’ titles before the new PS Plus model is introduced.

Testing of the PlayStation service’s performance and catalogue will have to wait until 22 June, when the service is scheduled to launch in Europe.

However, Sony is wasting no time and has already begun to address gamers’ concerns by talking about the platform’s first exclusives, simple subscription changes and reasons for refusing exclusives on launch day.

But be warned, there are still several weeks to go until PlayStation refreshes its entire platform, so there are still plenty of gaming opportunities to take advantage of with the current PS Plus. With that in mind, three titles for possible free PS Plus games in May have just been leaked today, with surprises like FIFA 22.

Source: Twitter

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