Is Naughty Dog Working On A Classic Remake?

A tester from Naughty Dog studio mentions explicitly a “remake project” that should be coming in the future.



It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything directly from Naughty Dog. We do know that they are working on several PlayStation projects, and one of them could be a supposed remake of The Last of Us, which will eventually come to PS5 in the near future.

We’ve been hearing more and more about it over the months, but there’s no official confirmation from Sony yet. However, thanks to a Joanastic user discovery, we could see it finally become a reality, as an employee mentions an unannounced remake being made at the development studio.

The employee mentions an unannounced remake

The guy in question is Cory Hong, a tester at Naughty Dog, whose LinkedIn profile says he’s working on an unannounced remake project. Hong has previously worked on other productions for the California team, including The Last of Us: Part II and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection.

Although at no point does he mention which game it would be, all indications are that it could be a new version of The Last of Us, bringing Joel and Ellie’s journey to the next generation and who knows, maybe even other platforms like PC…

Source: Twitter

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