The Quarry: This Horror Adventure Will Get More Alternative Endings You Can Imagine! [VIDEO]

Supermassive Games, the makers of Until Dawn, want to include a cinematic gameplay mode in The Quarry that doesn’t even require you to pick up the controller.



Supermassive Games has already made a big splash with Until Dawn, but the development team is looking further to push the boundaries of horror with The Quarry. Inviting us to overcome a terrifying night at a summer camp, the project will see the fate of nine characters played by a large cast of actors. But, as usual in the developer’s projects, our choices will completely change the plot.

The Quarry will have 186 alternate endings!

It seemed evident that The Quarry would have several alternative endings. However, Supermassive Games has surprised us once again by offering 186 different conclusions in total! While this means repeated scenes and slight changes in plot development, the authors say the key lies in the connections we can discover with each ending.

As game director Will Byles explains to IGN, where he boasts of all the endings the team has come up with, “We’ve come up with 186 different endings for these characters, not just ‘live’ or ‘die’… The stories they tell along the way are extremely varied.” Ultimately, these anecdotes add to the experience of the game: “We really like the idea of giving context so that you can have the same conversation but knowing that this person has just killed someone, and that context changes everything.”

While this may seem a bit strange to gamers, it’s worth noting that The Quarry will include a “Movie Mode” that invites you to relax on the couch and eat popcorn without interacting with the game. What’s more, Supermassive Games is giving us a 30-minute gameplay sneak peek at the beginning of the game, which is already raising the hairs on the back of our necks.

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