Ex-Bethesda Developer Leaks Starfield!

He finished his work at Bethesda Game Studios (BGS) last week, so it would be hard to question his credibility…


On the ResetEra forum, the person is listed as Hevy008, who has been confirmed to have worked as a character artist at BGS. He claims to have worked at BGS’s Dallas studio on Todd Howard’s passion project, Spyteam before the entire team was moved to Starfield. Many people started to question him, and Hevy008 wrote a more heartfelt post, saying, for example, that although the game won’t live up to the visuals of Horizon Forbidden West, the lighting is quite good, although he didn’t like the engine. All this from a developer’s perspective.

He wrote, “It was a cool solid place to work, very secure. The engine is a piece of cr_p, though. Todd is a charismatic guy for sure. Starfield is looking good; weekly Thursday playtest since the beginning of the year, more and more stuff is coming online. Shooting feels alright. Flying is terrible at the moment, in my opinion, just not fun to me. Lighting and stuff are looking better and better, though it’s not on the level of Horizon Forbidden West or anything like that but still a good looking game.

In terms of if it will ship on time, well, they will try, that’s for sure, they’ll cut what they did to etc., they have an overabundance of content, probably too much, so that’s not the issue, finding the fun and of course, bug fixing is the big thing. It’s a sexy date, though, and you only get one of those. Beta is this summer. That’s when the picture will genuinely become clear.”

Jason Schreier, writing for Bloomberg, confirmed that Hevy008 worked at BGS, but declined to comment about the leaks. Starfield is coming to Xbox Series and PC on November 11 and will also be on Game Pass from day one. While we’re at it, we should mention that Xbox & Bethesda will be holding their E3 replacement conference on June 12 at 1 PM Eastern Time (since there won’t be an E3 this year either). You can follow it on YouTube and Twitch.

Source: WCCFTech, Gematsu

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