How Was The Starfield Soundtrack Made? [VIDEO]

Bethesda Game Studios’ (BGS) next game will be a brand new IP, and it’s understandable why they’ve gone all out with the music.


Todd Howard’s studio has released a new video from Starfield. This one focuses on the game’s soundtrack. It was a perfectly logical choice to go with Inon Zur, as he’s the team’s in-house composer, having worked on Fallout 76, Fallout 4, Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3, but he’s also been behind the soundtracks for many more games (Men of Valor, Crysis, Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon’s Dogma, Outriders… to name but a few).

Concept art with alien-looking environments can also be seen in the video below (and hopefully, the final game will have such locations). On the other hand, Zur explained how he created the theme song for Starfield (which was partially heard in the 2018 announcement teaser video). According to Zur, “I always say music is the fourth dimension. It is the emotional dimension. And so, to create, you have to ask these questions — Where are you going? What’s your motivation? What is your story? It is what drove me more than anything else.

The way I looked at Starfield is what I call “The Sanctified Triplet.” Everything is streaming, right? Everything is changing, and everything is returning. Basically, [the music] presents itself, develops, and goes back—some sort of a circular journey. […] We want to complete the mission. We want to complete our journey. We will find something, take it with us, and go back home with it.”

Starfield will be the next BGS game, and it will be a crucial title for Microsoft. Following the Redmond company’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media, Bethesda’s parent company, the PlayStation 5 is out of the picture. It will only be released for Xbox Series and PC, but Game Pass subscribers will have access to Todd Howard’s next significant title from day one, November 11. After Fallout 76, it will be essential for him, too.

Source: WCCFTech

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