Crysis 4: Crytek Hired A Strong Director For The Franchise’s Future!

After Crytek confirmed in January via a short teaser trailer that Crysis 4 was coming, it was time to strengthen the team.


OK, the name Crysis 4 isn’t final, as we don’t yet know what Crytek will call the game we’ve been waiting for since Crysis 3 was released a decade ago: in 2012, there was no PlayStation 5 and Xbox One; back then, we had PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 alongside PC, so it was time for the next chapter, and we’re rightly hopeful.

Crytek announced via the official Crysis Twitter account that the director of Crysis 4 is Mattias Engström. He was previously the director of Hitman 3 at Danish IO Interactive, and his transfer was so smooth that he’s already started work this week! Before that, he worked as a level designer on the other two instalments of the Hitman reboot trilogy and has also worked at Ubisoft (after the World in Conflict series, he was a level designer for Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations).

To top it off, Crytek has also pointed out that there are a lot of open positions on Crysis 4, so they are looking for applicants. Art director, game designer, level designer… there are plenty of vacancies, so don’t expect the game to be released any time soon, and you might as well say it: it almost certainly won’t be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One because the hardware on those two consoles will be at least ten years old by then.

Crysis 4 is already confirmed by Crytek for 2012. At the time, Cevat Yerli (Crytek’s CEO) said, “I believe F2P is our inevitable future. I believe there are F2P titles that can be story-telling and cooperative with your friends, and competitive with your friends. It’s all possible.”

So Crysis’ future is in good hands.

Source: PCGamer

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