“Real” Ready Player One Is In The Making? This Is Everywhere!

Details have emerged about ex-Rockstar producer Leslie Benzies’ new game Everywhere, confirming that it’s an open-world triple-A game.



Former Rockstar Games producer Leslie Benzies announced in 2018 that he is opening a new studio under the name Build a Rocket Boy Games. The studio’s first project was called Everywhere, but little was revealed at the time. With Benzies playing a pivotal role in the success of the modern Grand Theft Auto, expectations are high for Everywhere. Now details of the project have surfaced online, and it’s clear that Benzies and Build a Rocket Boy Games have high hopes for the game.

The leaked details come from Galaxy Interactive, an investment company that helped fund Build a Rocket Boy Games. In a presentation publicly available on Galaxy Interactive’s website, the company shared some details about Everywhere.

The “creative concept” of the game is particularly interesting, with Galaxy Interactive referring to it as a “real” Ready Player One.

Ready Player One, of course, refers to the science fiction novel and its film adaptation, in which characters take part in a virtual reality filled with games, social interactions and more, with the virtual world displacing the real world for many. Everywhere may not be a virtual reality game, but it clearly looks like it will be a vast world of diverse content that will appeal to a broad audience.

This idea is somewhat confirmed by further details released by Galaxy Interactive about Everywhere. It has been confirmed that it will be an open-world AAA multiplayer game experience. It will also be structured as a virtual sandbox with user-generated content.

It was explained that “players will be able to create their own worlds”, supported by built-in community and streaming systems underneath.

The description refers to gameplay similar to games such as Minecraft, Roblox, Grand Theft Auto Online or even Second Life.

However, unlike in Second Life, the description also refers to the “epic narrative of multiple chapters” in the open-world game. Indeed, this suggests that Everywhere will be more akin to Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Online than Second Life or Roblox, which would fit well with Benzies’ background.

One thing’s for sure; the game is not going to be an easy ride for Build a Rocket Boy Games. This is a new studio that is clearly working on a massive game that even veteran studios are struggling with. Let’s not forget that even Rockstar has come in for a lot of criticism for its crunch culture and unhealthy working environment, despite its vast experience in making triple-A open-world games. It may be years before Everywhere is publicly unveiled, but expectations are already high, both in terms of presentation and content.

Source: Cultture

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