Overwatch 2: Why Are Fans Unhappy With The Revamped OW 1 Maps?!

An Overwatch 2 beta player has shown side-by-side pictures of the critical differences between the original Overwatch maps and their new counterparts, and the community isn’t thrilled.



Activision Blizzard is already gearing up to release Overwatch 2. As a result, the epic shooter recently went into PvP beta, and players have been comparing the sequel to the original. One Overwatch 2 fan has pointed out some key differences between the original maps and the new versions in OW 2.

Reddit user WhatDoesACowSay shared pictures of the OW and OW 2 maps side-by-side a few days ago, and since then, many community members have been debating the need for an upcoming sequel.

Each map’s key locations are shown in three or four images of critical places. Although there are some minor changes between the original maps and their Overwatch 2 counterparts, the main difference highlighted by WhatDoesACowSay between one game and the other is the lighting.

WhatDoesACowSay focuses on nine maps in the Reddit post, each of which features an OW 1 map carried over to the sequel. The pictures show the differences between Eichenwalde, Lijiang Tower, Dorado, Route 66, Watchpoint Gibraltar, King’s Row, Ilios and Oasis, with Overwatch 2 players, including Colosseo, to compare it to the others. While the included Overwatch maps show the latest design decisions Activision Blizzard has made for 5v5 battles, the lighting of the revamped maps has caught most Overwatch fans’ attention.

Not many improvements have been seen beyond the time of day change, leading some players to voice their dissatisfaction.

Some fans have speculated from the photos that OW 2 looks more like a minor update and tweak than an entirely new game. However, let’s not forget that Overwatch 2 is still very much in development – we don’t even know a possible release date – so Activision Blizzard will have plenty of time and opportunity to make the returning maps more unique (too).

Source: Reddit

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