China Tightens Up: New Video Game-Related Bans & Restrictions!

TECH NEWS – The Chinese authorities continue to monitor the consumption of video game-related content, such as streaming, by children.



China continues to implement measures to combat video games and their products, such as content creators, among young people. According to the Reuters news agency, Beijing authorities have approved new measures to make it impossible for minors to make donations to streamers and to watch their live broadcasts after 10 pm.

Streaming of GTA V and other games was recently banned.

As GamesIndustry reminds us, this is the latest in a series of measures aimed at curbing children’s consumption habits, particularly concerning video games and streaming platforms. Last year, streaming was banned for children under 16, and a few weeks ago, several video games were banned from YouTube’s Chinese alternative Bilibili, including GTA V and The Witcher 3.

Not to mention the time limits on the use of games, which are monitored by facial recognition and age verification systems, among other things.


Censorship in China


Also recently in the news is the approval of a memorandum calling on the industry to respect the “correct values” of the country’s history and culture, including the high risk of banning video games with sexual and moral themes. These Beijing directives affect major industry players such as Tencent, which has had to launch a modified version of PUBG in the Asian country and has faced denunciations over inappropriate content in the hit series Honor of Kings.

As an example, the launch of Steam in China was quite striking: at the time, only 53 video games were made available from the entire catalogue…

Source: GamesIndustry

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