Electronic Arts Is Rethinking The Battlefield Development Process From The Ground Up

The publisher wants to take a completely different approach to shake up the Call of Duty rival franchise. It’s about time it happened. Let’s not beat around the bush…


In Electronic Arts’ quarterly report, Andrew Wilson, the publisher’s CEO, explained that they’re looking to improve the state of Battlefield (which took a big hit with the release of BF2042…), with the focus on the all-around Vince Zampella (remember: he founded Respawn Entertainment, then Ripple Effect Studios formerly known as DICE Los Angeles, and now, he’s also the head of Battlefield…)

Wilson says, “Again, we take a long view here. This is one of the great franchises in our industry, built by one of the great teams in our industry. And we expect that we’ll continue to grow and be a significant part of our portfolio for many years to come. We’ve got incredible leadership over that team now. They’re rethinking the development process from the ground up and using the Vince Zampella/Respawn model of getting to the fun as quickly as possible.

They’ve been doing thousands of updates for the community working on the quality of life, and getting the core game right. There’s still more work for us to do there, and the team is committed to doing that work for the community. And beyond that, once we get to a place where we feel like we’re in the right place with the core experience and with the core game, then you should expect us to invest and grow beyond where the game is at today,” which is now at update 4.0: teams and squads got voice chat, the scoreboard interface has been updated, and they’ve tweaked the functionality of several weapon attachments in Battlefield 2042.

Recently, there was a rumour that Battlefield 2042 and FIFA 22 might show up on both EA Play and (Xbox) Game Pass, but only the latter has entered the two services. In the case of Battlefield, this seems like a desperate attempt, but at least it has more players than Babylon’s Fall on PC (we’ve discussed it before)…

Source: WCCFTech

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