Can Scorn Be Delayed?! The Developers Have Spoken

The long-awaited horror video game Scorn will arrive for PC and Xbox X Series X/S by the end of the year unless a delay is announced in the spirit of the current trend…



So many games have been delayed lately that the makers of Scorn, the first-person horror adventure game for PC and Xbox Series X, have been in a rush to confirm on Twitter that development on the production is on schedule.

In a brief message posted on social media, Scorn officials replied that they still plan to launch the video game in October this year and that, at least for now, they are not preparing anything similar to yesterday’s announcement of Starfield.

The developers have stressed that they still plan to launch the video game in October this year.

The game promises to be one of the most exciting console exclusives in the Xbox Series S and X catalogue in the last quarter of the year. Work on the video game reportedly began back in 2014 and was one of the first productions to be announced for the Xbox Series when Microsoft held its first event for the hardware.

Scorn is a first-person horror-adventure game with the premise of being thrown into an unknown world where players must explore a nightmarish universe in which each location has its own story, puzzles and characters, and even the creepy atmosphere is a character in its own right.

Underwritten by Ebb Software, the development cites Swiss painter H.R. Giger as one of its sources of inspiration, who is credited with the visuals of Alien, among other works.

In addition to Starfield, Bethesda has also confirmed a delay in releasing Arkane’s new co-operative shooter Redfall, which was due in 2022.

Source: Twitter

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