Is The Alan Wake TV Series Making Progress? Well-Known Producer Hired

MOVIE NEWS – Sam Lake, creator and writer of the Alan Wake franchise, is actively involved in the production as an executive producer.



The Remedy team has a lot of work to do on the Alan Wake saga. For one thing, they’ve already confirmed the release of Alan Wake Remastered for Nintendo Switch, and while they’re aware of audience expectations around the sequel, they’ve also warned that we shouldn’t expect any news on Alan Wake 2 until the fall. You’d think Remedy would have enough plans on the table, but it seems they want to take the classic franchise further.

We want to stay true to the spirit of the game as we dive deeper into this dark, crazy world.

When we say ‘further’, we mean beyond video games. As the developer recently announced, Alan Wake will be getting a live-action TV series through a partnership with Contradiction Films. While the project’s specifics are still unknown, we do know that Tomas Harlan and Tim Carter will executive produce, along with Peter Calloway, who has worked on series such as Legion and Cloak and Dagger (one of several productions in the Marvel Cinematic Universe).

On the other hand, Sam Lake, creator and writer of the franchise, will be actively involved in the series, trying to translate the feel of the video game to the small screen:

“The game was designed to mimic the course of a TV series. It feels good to turn it into a real series.”

“Tomas and Tim have worked with an endless passion for making this happen, and I’m really pleased to have Peter on board, he really captures the vision of Alan Wake. We want to stay true to the game’s soul as we dive much deeper into this dark, crazy world.”

We can’t wait to hear more details about the series, which will undoubtedly carry the franchise’s signature elements of mystery and suspense…

Source: NME

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