The Xbox Series S Outselling The PlayStation 5 In Japan?!

On the one hand, Sony should solve the stock shortage. On the other hand, it should reflect on how Microsoft’s smaller (and cheaper) Xbox Series console has outperformed the “blue team” on their home soil (even though the PlayStation brand has become much more American in recent years…).


Japan’s Famitsu magazine has reported how consoles in the country sold during the week of May 9-15:


  •     Nintendo Switch (OLED): 35,868 (1,757,190 sales in total in the country)
  •     Nintendo Switch (base model): 20,443 (18,288,180)
  •     Nintendo Switch Lite: 9011 (4,712,930)
  •     Xbox Series S: 6,120 (105,408)
  •     PlayStation 5 Standard Edition: 2,240 (1,385,128)
  •     PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: 453 (235,710)
  •     New Nintendo 2DS LL: 235 (1,185,959)
  •     Xbox Series X: 105 (99,469)
  •     PlayStation 4: 22 (7,811,548)


The Nintendo Switch is soaring (with over 65,000 sales for the three models), but the Xbox Series S has emerged behind it! The smaller console size makes the Japanese opt for the digital console, which is also tempting because of the (Xbox) Game Pass. The PlayStation 5’s two models together didn’t sell half as much. Behind them, the New Nintendo 2DS LL was a big surprise: the 3D-less version of the now officially abandoned 3DS platform (for which the last game was released nearly three years ago…) sold more than the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 4!

And the top 10 for game sales is juicy because ALL titles were for the Switch!


  •     Nintendo Switch Sports: 47,525
  •     Kirby and the Forgotten Land: 14,903
  •     Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: 11,127
  •     eBASEBALL: Powerful Professional Baseball 2022: 10,372
  •     Ring Fit Adventure: 6,839
  •     Minecraft (Switch): 6,553
  •     The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story: 6,409
  •     Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: 5,849
  •     Mario Party Superstars: 4,360
  •     The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: 4,245


Regarding hardware shortages, Sony’s struggles are explicable, but in terms of game sales, we can see that Nintendo is on a roll, and it’s not stupid to see the PlayStation brand as Americanised…

Source: PSL

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