Hideo Kojima Could Be Hinting At A Death Stranding Sequel Again

He’s got us thinking again with a single image, but it’s worth looking at the situation.


Death Stranding lived up to the expectations set by Jim Ryan, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s president and CEO. As far removed from the real world as possible, Ryan has said before that blockbusters would (also) be made by the PlayStation Studios team. Although Kojima Productions is not one of them, in late 2015, Hideo Kojima was able to use Sony to re-launch his squad in the post-Konami era, which eventually led to the game and its next-generation re-release (we wonder what the next title will be, which will be given a similar treatment with the subtitle Director’s Cut…?). Norman Reedus, the actor who played Death Stranding’s protagonist Sam “Porter” Bridges, has already let slip that “a second one is in the works”.

We also wrote that Kojima had responded to his comments within days with pictures of him jokingly executing Reedus, referring to Death Stranding’s room for relaxation (which initially had more Monster energy drinks than the game was worth in dollars/euros). Now Kojima has tweeted a picture again, which looks like it could have been taken at Sony’s headquarters in Japan (and he wrote “good morning” as caption). The picture shows Ludens, the face of Kojima Productions (you can see him on the logo…), so it’s reasonable to think that something might be in the works. Of course, it’s also possible that Kojima shot the picture from his studio since that’s not that far from Sony either.

It all starts to get weird now that Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards organiser and presenter Geoff Keighley has also responded with a waving emoji on Twitter , so it’s not out of the question that some sort of announcement could come from Kojima during one of the E3 replacement shows (as E3 is off the table for 2022 as well). And since Keighley and Kojima are, shall we say, bosom buddies, it’s not a stretch to think so.

So something is definitely in the works. It could be something for the PlayStation VR2… or PlayStation 5. But we’ve also heard there’s some Xbox project in the works. It’s hard to follow the rumours around the Japanese genius.

Source: JVL

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