The Director Of The Black Phone, Who Left Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, Talks About All His Traumas

MOVIE NEWS – Fans were shocked when the director of The Black Phone, Scott Derrickson announced his departure from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


It is not uncommon to get out of a superhero Marvel production all of a sudden, but Derrickson had a good reason to leave. Another movie interested me a lot more, and that was Black Phone . He admittedly made this film about the serial killer who abducted the little boys ( Ethan Hawke ) for therapeutic purposes because he wanted to process his childhood traumas. Derrickson grew up in a miserable neighbourhood, in a miserable household, beating and beating everyone inside and outside the house, causing him permanent mental injuries. In addition, one day a friend came over and told me that his mother had been abducted, raped, tied with a telephone line, and thrown into a nearby lake. After that, it’s no wonder the later director went into therapy for years, and horror became his favourite genre as a filmmaker.

Derrickson says The Black Phone is his most personal film, and those who have already seen it at the CinemaCon festival claim they don’t speak in the air. p>

( The Black Phone – Home Demo: June 23, 2022 .)

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