Evotinction: Two More Platforms For PlayStation China Hero Project’s Stealth Game [VIDEO]

Astrolabe Games (the publisher) and Spikewave Games (the developers) are not only bringing the stealth action game to PlayStation 4, and Perp Games is also making a disc release.


The game’s Steam page says, “A fruitless pursuit of eternity. A glimpse of evolution and extinction. A solemn song of life. [Set in the] Near Future. A virus of unknown origin invaded the network of an isolated, self-sufficient research facility and community underneath the Himalayas. Inevitably, the core unit of the highly-advanced AI system that runs the facility got infected. As a result, those harmless service robots went out of control and started to attack humans. Dr Liu, one of the system’s designers, decided to break into this lost facility to search for possible survivors while attempting to identify and fix the underlying issue.

Genre: Futuristic Tactical Infiltrate Simulation. A one-person infiltration into an AI-controlled rampart. Utilize the kaleidoscopic hacking skills the doctor masters to cope with adversaries. Disable the security system remotely, rewrite IFF IDs, or manipulate rogue AI’s behaviour… Do what you can to avoid any unnecessary encounters. Make your way in stealthily and neutralize all threats one by one. Go deep into the heart of the facility to face the core crisis!

Enemy: Core Crisis, Machine Awakening. “Genie”—those everyday service robots will be your most common opponents. Each of those service robots has its routine patrol, and the AI system behind their behaviours also coordinates the efforts of those robots to maximize their efficiency. In addition, the doctor will encounter certain killer robots specially-designed to neutralize any threats to the core system as he gets deeper into the facility. Could this all be attributed to the infected AI? Or there might be other unknown causes hidden behind? All will be eventually revealed along with the doctor’s investigation…

Combat: Tech-Augmented Hack-and-Stealth. Not your traditional protagonist, Dr Liu, an ordinary researcher who had zero combat training, will have to infiltrate the facility on his own. Not a specialist in CQC, nor a slick gunslinger, the doctor is just an average joe in “combat.” However, as a tech-savvy researcher, he can hack, disrupt, and manipulate all these rogue AIs to guide himself through this dangerous automated facility. Long-range Signal Disrupting, Radio & Electromagnetic Jamming, Hologram Illusion, Malware Implant, System Takeover, IFF Spoofing… Make use of the doctor’s entire arsenal of gadgets to hack a way inside and out!”

Evotinction will be coming to PlayStation 4 in Spring 2023 and, according to the new announcement, to PlayStation 5 and PC (Steam) as well.

Source: Gematsu

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