The release of Ukrainian-developed Stalker 2 is delayed further, according to a new Xbox listing

This list was split into 2022 and 2023, with 25 games in each year. Stalker 2 is shown in the 2023 section, suggesting that the game has suffered another delay.


The news is not entirely unexpected given the circumstances surrounding the development of Stalker 2, as developer GSC Game Studio is based in Ukraine.

In March, GSC Game World announced that development of the shooter had been suspended due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Later in March it was reported that the development team would move from Kiev to Prague.

In January, GSC announced that the game, originally scheduled for 28 April, had been postponed to 8 December. However, this was before the Russian invasion.

Following Russia’s invasion, the studio posted a video on its YouTube channel in early March confirming that development on Stalker 2 had been suspended as it dealt with the ongoing war.

“On February 24, Russia declared war on Ukraine and sent missiles, tanks and soldiers to our country,” the statement reads. “Our country is once again forced to fight for its existence. It seems that this is the price of freedom.”

Showing footage of explosions in different parts of Ukraine, the video added: “This video is our answer [to] the question ‘how are you guys? We are now working to help our workers and their families survive. Game development has taken a back seat. But we’ll continue anyway. After the win. Glory to Ukraine.”

Once the company’s developers confirmed last month that the game’s development had restarted after most of the development team moved to Prague.

Unfortunately there was no new trailer at the Microsoft presentation, the video below is still the latest.

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