Is Sony Working On A Hyper-Advanced PS5 Controller?!

TECH NEWS – According to a recent report, Sony is working on a “true professional controller” designed specifically for the PS5, which will be unveiled soon.



It may seem strange to many that November is the second anniversary of the PS5. This generation of consoles has been plagued by delays, supply problems and development issues due to the coronavirus outbreak. Hopefully, however, everything will be sorted soon, and according to a report, it looks like Sony is preparing to unveil some new PS5-related hardware to fans.

This information comes via known insider Tom Henderson, whose source showed him pictures of the prototype to back up the claims.

It has also been said that the PS5 Pro Controller – that’s what it’s called internally, but it may not be the official name – will be unveiled soon. Sony is said to be revealing more new hardware later this month (although not a PS5 Pro console), and this could be there too.

According to the report, this gamepad is being billed as a “true professional controller” and will reportedly go by the codename Hunt. It’ll have detachable analogue sticks, detachable stick units under the analogue sticks, trigger stops, rear buttons and new detachable grips, but it’ll retain much of the PS5’s DualSense style. Removing the stick units would allow someone to replace analogue sticks that drift or any similar everyday problems without having to replace the whole controller.

In short, the controller seems largely customizable, adapting features seen on Xbox Elite controllers as well as third-party controllers such as SCUF.

This would allow any pro or anyone intending to pick up a PS5 Pro controller to customize it to their preferred setup. Henderson doesn’t mention this in his report, but it would make sense that many features, such as haptic feedback, would remain viable options on this new controller. After all, haptic feedback has been praised precisely because it enhances immersion in PS5 games, and even at the pro level, it can only help you get into the swing of things.

Unless this is an unexpected announcement, it sounds like Sony is planning to hold some sort of event relatively soon. After all, Summer Game Fest showcased a lot of highly-regarded third-party titles, while Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase focused on in-house development; only Nintendo and Sony have not presented in such a format. A Nintendo Direct and a State of Play-style event would be the perfect way to round off this ‘non-E3’ season.

Source: TryHardGuides

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