The Last Of Us Part 1: New Look For Old Character Revealed – But What Else Is New In The Remaster?

We’ve already seen some of the characters revamped in The Last of Us Part 1, but now it’s been announced that something else we’re already dreading is getting a makeover…



Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest event concluded with the blockbuster unveiling of The Last of Us Part 1: a fresh trailer showed off the game’s improved graphics and performance, while fans were also treated to a look at some redesigned character models. One of the characters briefly seen in the trailer has now been given a close-up comparison, which properly showcases his new look.

Tess is an important character in the original Last of Us game and appeared several times in the trailer for The Last of Us Part 1.

However, the trailer didn’t really let fans get a closer look at Tess, instead of focusing on the main characters, Ellie and Joel, for understandable reasons. Naughty Dog has since released a short video comparing Tess in the PS5 remake to how the character appeared in the original PlayStation 3 release.

The new version of Tess is, of course, much more detailed than the original PS3 version. The animation has also been significantly improved, making Tess look much more lifelike in the PS5 remake. Similar improvements can be seen in Ellie and Joel’s character models, so it’s safe to say that this extensive visual facelift will be a feature throughout the game.


Smarter AI? Just what we feared!


Back in the day, The Last of Us ratcheted up the tension to the max when fighting human bandits and mushroom monsters. It really looks like The Last of Us Part 1 will rework and rebuild all of the original game’s AI systems in the gameplay.

Joel is typically well-armed if players have been paying attention to the occasional workbench updates, but it’s still foolish to rush into a confrontation without thinking. Now that the monster/bandit encounters will work similarly to The Last of Us 2, players will have a lot to consider when trying out their game this September, especially since these encounters won’t be exactly as they remember them.

Recently, a fan explained which sequence he dreads returning to the most in the remake.

Twitter user DomTheBombYT commented on the anxiety he feels when they reach a specific sequence in Pittsburgh. Players have particular strategies for this sequence, such as when to pick up the hotel keycard or when to interact with the generator that triggers enemies to spawn. But fans know that The Last of Us Part 1 could introduce AI and other gameplay changes that will completely redefine this and many other encounters.

In The Last of Us 2, for example, particular creatures are more aggressive, and combat is sure to be reworked, with Joel’s melee combat likely to resemble Abby’s. It is unclear whether the map design will change accordingly to adapt to these remake changes.

It is also possible that the layout of the maps will be changed in a way that will disrupt players’ nostalgic muscle memory of this and similar sequences.

The Last of Us Part 1 could thus see significant changes and could end up reinterpreting parts of the game entirely, depending on how much is actually reworked. Other fans have since shared which sequences they dread the most, with some mentioning the Salt Lake City underground tunnel at the end of the game, the suburban sequence where Joel and Sam are trapped in a makeshift children’s area with stalkers.

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