Ezra Miller Might Be In Deep Trouble! He’s Probably Out Of The DC Universe…

MOVIE NEWS – Ezra Miller’s mounting legal problems and increasingly troubling behaviour may be too much for Warner Bros. to allow him to continue to appear as The Flash in new DC projects.



It looks very much as if the firing of The Flash star Ezra Miller could be the end of the line for Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav’s to-do list. Recent reports suggest that the actor could be shown the door as soon as DC’s solo movie comes out next year, given the legal tsunami that Miller has managed to bring down on his head over the last few months.

For much of the past three months, The Flash star Ezra Miller has been getting into all sorts of trouble, fleeing an alleged assault incident that led to a restraining order being filed against him.

Recently, Miller has faced some alarming allegations that he has been grooming and abusing children – to which he has inexplicably decided to retaliate with memes. To make matters even worse, the Lightning star has disappeared since the latest allegations surfaced, leaving the courts at a loss as to where to find him to serve them with the current legal proceedings.

Now, Deadline is reporting that Ezra Miller’s continued problematic behaviour has the studio and Zaslav leaning heavily towards firing the actor after resolving what to do with their $200 million blockbuster, The Flash. As reported, sources say Warner Bros. is considering all options, ranging from minimizing The Flash’s promotional rounds to making it an HBO Max streaming exclusive.

Another possibility is that they are simply hoping for the most successful release possible in June 2023, as it’s already become clear that a remake of The Flash would be impossible at this point.

Regardless of which scenario is pursued, Warner Bros. has presumably already made up its mind, and even if Ezra Miller were to remain dormant from here on out, it would have no bearing on the studio’s decision. Part of the reasoning behind Zaslav’s argument is that the CEO has expressed his desire to continue to make DC films more like Marvel’s own universe, which would require recasting Miller’s role. Warner Bros. has reportedly been trying to find help for Miller, whose legal troubles and violent incidents dating back to 2020.

The Flash is rumoured to be just the reboot the DCEU needs right now.

The hero’s source material provides ample grounds for Barry Allen to leapfrog into a universe where new iterations of Superman and Batman could replace the departing Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck.

After the massive success of Batman and the anticipation surrounding the sequel to The Joker, it is debatable whether or not the DCEU should exist at all. However, that won’t stop Warner Bros from trying, even if it means leaving Ezra Miller and the considerable problems surrounding his persona behind at the moment.

The Flash is scheduled to hit theatres on June 23, 2023.

Source: Deadline

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