The Upcoming A Plague Tale: Requiem Promises Plenty Of Excitement And Drama! [VIDEO]

The lead writer of A Plague Tale: Requiem told us about Amicia and Hugo’s trip to Provence, one of the game’s locations.



A Plague Tale: Requiem managed to transport us back to medieval France with a hyper-realistic first trailer, but Asobo Studio wanted to complement the information about its upcoming game with a gameplay trailer (see the end of the article) that, in addition to confirming the October 18 release, also showed off the heartbreaking story of the episode.

Hugo will have to resist his abilities, and Amicia will have to face traumatic experiences.

Here, we saw Amicia and Hugo trying to survive in a world where they will face many enemies, from bloodthirsty rats to equally ferocious humans, who will repeatedly try to capture the siblings. However, the game’s lead writer, Sébastien Renard, has revealed other aspects that will complicate the protagonists’ journey.

Starting with the little brother, the pro recalls some gameplay footage, commenting on the PlayStation blog, “Hugo’s powers are developing – he will struggle to keep them under control and sometimes they’ll overthrow him. Although they will be key for him to escape dangerous situations, the young boy will need to resist the risk of giving in to his powers.”

In Amicia’s case, Renard says, “she won’t have any option but to take on this role that only she can assume – but she will have to face the traumatic emotions that come with it. Our characters are not superhuman, and our two protagonists will pay the price that becoming a hero entails.” The latest gameplay trailer for A Plague Tale: Requiem, on the other hand, shows us an area that, while seemingly perfect, will expose Amicia and Hugo to many dangers.

Now Renard has confirmed that it’s Provence, but it won’t be the only area we visit in A Plague Tale: Requiem.

For now, it’s safe to say that gamers who enjoyed the prequel game developed by Asobo Studio will find a good reason to give A Plague Tale: Requiem a try. The studio will have improved graphics thanks to a partnership with NVIDIA.

Source: PlayStation.Blog

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